Year 4 

If you have any worries whilst you are not in school, contact Childline on 0800 1111.

study at home Learning at Home

Here is a Suggested daily timetable for your learning at home, this make help you to structure your day.

Week beginning: 30/03/20

Monday 30th March weekly plan

Hi everyone, I have linked a suggested timetable for your home learning next week. The links required are included and below I have put the sheets which you may require for science and maths.

Decimals consolidation questions

Sound Survey

I'm available via the class dojo if you have any questions or need anything clarified. The ideas below are still relevant if you haven't already used them and I found some Easter activity ideas which you may enjoy (below).

Sight and Sound Writing Prompts Activity Sheets

Year 4 Spring-Themed Maths Activity Booklet

Year 4 Spring-Themed Maths Activity Booklet - Answers


The Mystery of the Missing Horse

The Mystery of the Missing Horse - Answers


Warm ups - use a range of websites to warm up your maths brain as we do in class! You may want to introduce your family to 'Around the world' or 'Fizz buzz'. You could practice mental additon/subtraction etc. with a 100 square, practice multiplying/dividing numbers by 10/100/1000. Supermovers is a great way to do maths and stay fit!

We are preparing for our Year 4 times tables test which takes place in June. As always, I hope that you are making use of the fantastic times tables rockstars website. I have included some other websites which offer fun times tables games.

Times table rockstars


Multiplication games

Here are some activity sheets for your times tables.

2-Times-Table-Activity Sheet











Additionally, I have included a maths investigation which covers a range of areas in maths. These prove very popular (and competitive) in class, so give it a go!

Animal antics investigation

*What time is it?

After Easter, our topic is time in maths, use online games to help remind you of how to tell the time e.g. half past 2. Practice at home with your family.


Reading - you have been given a range of books from the school and public library to bring home. Please read daily and keep recording this in your planners. 

All children have been given their login and password for Bug club. Please make use of this brilliant resource as an alternative way for children to read.

When you finish one of your library books, I'd love you to do a book review on it. Please tell me; what it was about, the characters, what you liked or didn't like and if you'd recommend it to someone in your class. Give it a rating out of 5 stars!

*For free readers, here is a link to 6 classic books(including audiobooks). They're fantastic stories which you'll really enjoy! 

Fiction Reading Revision Mat

Non Fiction Reading Revision Mat

Poetry Reading Revision Mat


Spelling - Y4 Spelling Term 3b Overview these are our spellings for next term, take them one week at a time, learn them as you usually would using the spelling strategies which we've learnt.

Grammar - work through units 14 and 15.

GPS-Spring-Term-Assessment-Year-4 here is a SPaG test for Year 4 which you may want to use as a tool to see which areas you need to focus on in your SPaG. Use your grammar book to look over any rules which you're unsure about.

Writing - 

- Please create an information booklet on our topic rivers. Try to include the key features which we've been learning about e.g. introduction, subheadings and persuasive techniques. 

- Pobble 365 is a fantastic website which can be used for creative writing, I have linked an example. There are a range of activities based on a different story each day before you're asked to continue the story using the story starter. This is a chance to use your imagination!


 - BBC bible stories please watch the story of Good Friday. Use the storyboard to tell the story, think about our Easter play to help you. 

- Google the image Giotto's Christ washing the Disciples' feet, write about what is happening in the picture and make links to scripture. What feelings was the artist trying to convey? What has been added, and what has been left out? You could give creating your own picture of the Last Supper a go.

- Read through the bible stories and remind yourself of the events leading up to Easter Sunday.


- We have been doing fantastic work on rivers and their physical features. I would like you to think about (or research) the different uses of rivers. Write about positive and negative uses of rivers and explain why they are positive or negative. E.g. a postive use is that they are a water source for humans and animals.

- Choose one of the world rivers which we've discussed and research it further. Where is its source and mouth? How long is it? Which countries does it flow through?


We're all new to this, let's work together to do our best and enjoy your time with your family. - Use this time to play some games e.g. bingo or monopoly as a way of using your maths skills in real life while having fun. Here is a quiz which you could play with your family Quiz 1.

- A lovely idea is to paint/draw a rainbow or sun to put on your window to bright some joy to those people who are working so hard to help us.

- Keep fit using supermovers and zumba videos. 

- If you're anxious or stressed use go noodle videos and activities to help you feel better.

We want the best for you and so try your best to keep up to date with school work as well as xbox! 

Be safe, I'll see you soon. 


Parent Leaflet - Year 4 1 (2).pdf 

Yr 4 Curriculum

Advent Term

Bronze age, iron age and celts geog hist sc

Bronze age, iron age and celts

Topic Fact Sheet- bronze age, iron age, celts

Lent Term

Ancient Egypt CC links

Ancient Egypt fact sheet

Ancient Egypt topic overview

CC links Rivers

Rivers fact sheet

Rivers topic sheet

Pentecost term